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My doctor sent me to Integrative (he is a patient here, too) and now my whole family and I feel we have found the place that meets all our needs. Krysia's understanding of biomechanics, her amazing hands on skills, and the whole staff always help us to fix whatever ails us--we wouldn't go anywhere else!"

HUGE THANKS to Krysia, Catherine, and the rest of the staff at IMTW for the amazing work they've done to help rehabilitate my back. Thanks to them I had a vacation that was not only pain-free, but filled with wonderful (long and steep!) hikes in all my favorite places. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said this was impossible! Thank you Integrative!"

When Krysia first worked on me, I couldn't pull my wallet out of my rear pocket and could barely raise my right arm above shoulder level. I thought my life as an athlete was going to be severely limited and was resigned to hiking with pain due to a bunion. Your confidence that the problems could be fixed and your professionalism in treating me have both been an inspiration to me. Now I'm back to doing handstand pushups! Manual therapy works!"

I was referred to Krysia by my midwife over 10 years ago. She skillfully resolved my sciatic pain and it hasn't bothered me since. My family and I have seen her on several occasions since then--her knowledge and always growing abilities have kept us all in optimal health. Her expertise is priceless!"

The staff at INTEGRATIVE are both knowledgeable and personable. They did an amazing job while being clear, concise, & making me feel comfortable about being a person & not just a machine needing a tune-up. Will definitely return as needed. Thank you, everyone!"


After just my first visit, it felt like my lung capacity had increased by 25% ... or like a weight had been lifted from my chest. Over the next few days I watched as my Fitbit’s resting heart rate dropped over 7 bpm, back to near normal levels. I had come for help after a fall where I had injured my cervical spine, discs, and vagus nerve, & also had shoulder and arm pain. I am so very happy that I found Krysia and her team. Her work was so effective and focused on correcting the source of the problems. She resolved the pain in my arm and neck, and taught me many cool techniques to keep the right muscles activating for the right activities. She’s warm, amazingly talented and has a gift for healing."

The best physical therapy I've ever received. I highly recommend Krysia and her staff as your first physical therapy stop! I am so grateful to be under her care and expertise."


Now in my 3rd pregnancy, I feel better than I did with my first pregnancy and know my recovery will be speedy thanks to the caring hands of these professionals."



As a physical therapist myself, I am very picky about my healthcare providers. I knew Integrative was the perfect fit immediately. All of the staff are kind and caring and the amount of knowledge they have is unparalleled. This is not your typical outpatient therapy clinic. What Krysia and her staff have is amazing.”


I have been a patient of Krysia’s over the past 10 years for a variety of physical issues (from neck pain to plantar fasciitis) and she is always my first choice when PT is required. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and always focuses on the root of the problem. She is generous with her time and truly cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone!"


On my very first visit I knew I was someplace different. You all listened and helped me to understand what was going on with my body and its different systems. Most importantly you gave me hope that someone understood what was happening and could help. What you do is just magic and I am so grateful."


The staff at Integrative are amazing. The amount of healing and progress I was able to make after my knee surgery, to me was nothing less than amazing. These ladies absolutely know what they are doing. Very welcoming, comfortable and overall amazing experience. Thank you all.”


I found Integrative over 10 years ago after a devastating knee injury that effectively ended my soccer career & threatened to leave me with a permanent disability. I first worked with Krysia to get me ready for the surgery required to repair several ligaments and tendons. My orthopedic surgeon credited the successful repair in large part to how effective my pre-op physical therapy at Integrative had been. After I recovered from the first knee surgery we needed to repair the damaged peroneal nerve. The neurosurgeon was doubtful I would ever walk normally again & told me to forget about playing soccer. After months of post-op physical therapy with Integrative, the nerve began to fire again, and a year after that I was back on the soccer field. My neurosurgeon was shocked! I have to give a huge amount of credit to Krysia and her team for helping me beat the odds & fully recover from this injury. Any time I visit Norfolk I try to book an appointment--I always leave feeling better & more informed."


“I hadn’t had pain relief in over two years, and after just a few treatments I am happy to say I don’t hurt. Thank you for giving me hope!”


I brought my son, who is an actor, to Krysia Witkowski and in just one session he improved tremendously. He had years of orthodontic care that fixed his teeth, but perhaps caused cranial changes and he wanted to address that his voice sounded nasally and congested.  Krysia worked on him and also recommended some dietary modifications. After just one treatment with Krysia, his voice sounds clearer and he is once again a happy thespian. I highly, highly recommend!!”

I’ve been a runner for more than twenty years and have suffered numerous aches and pains—hip, knee, ankle. The folks at Integrative helped decrease my foot pain and taught me more than I had ever experienced in so many years of rehab. They really know their stuff!”

You have truly changed my life. I had been in pain for years, had injections and had already done a ton of therapy, so a friend suggested I come see you. I am so glad I did not give up. This is the first time I have been pain free. I am able to work and get on with my daily life and feel good again! I love coming in and I cannot thank you all enough! You all are miracle workers."

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